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Announcing our World Premiere – Hot Docs 2015!

Hot Docs 2015 Laurels

We are so excited to share some wonderful news:

Our film Radical Grace will have its World Premiere on April 28th at the Hot Docs International Film Festival in Toronto! Hot Docs is a top-tier film festival for documentaries, and we’re honored to be a part of the lineup.

It’s a crucial time to share the stories of Sister Simone, Sister Chris, and Sister Jean with the world — that’s why we’re reaching back out to our wonderful, inspiring supporters to request your help in getting there.

Pope Francis is changing the Vatican’s conservative tone in many ways — but progress on women’s leadership has a long way to go. What does it mean for the sisters, and the future of the Catholic faith more broadly? What does it say about women’s place in society, across all faiths? We hope that our film can be a jumping off point to discuss these critical issues.

As we prepare for the festival, we’re working like mad to finish the film — but there are important hard costs that we still need to fundraise for: sound mixing, music from our great new composer, licensing for news clips and archival footage, and our legal costs.

We need to raise $30,000 to cover our final costs.

Will you consider making another donation to Radical Grace to help finish (yes, for real – finish!!) the film before April?

We are so grateful for your financial support, but also for your help in sharing our project and rooting for us all along the way.

Thank you so much for everything.

– Rebecca, Nicole, and the Radical Grace Team

Thank Goodness for Good Pitch!

Sister WS

After a competitive application process and a two-day workshop, we were ecstatic to be one of seven filmmaker teams presenting at Good Pitch Chicago, a project of BRITDOC in partnership with the Sundance Institute and a the Chicago Planning Committee.
Good Pitch is a magical event. It brings together seven documentary filmmaking teams with foundations, NGOs, philanthropists, broadcasters, brands, technology, social entrepreneurs, government, and media around leading social issues—to forge unique coalitions and campaigns around documentary films to maximize their impact and influence.


Sister table

We were thrilled to be joined at the by a powerful coalition of our new partner organizations: Faith in Public Life, Organizing for Action, Auburn Seminary, Groundswell, Call to Action, Muslims for Progressive Values, Jewish Social Justice Roundtable, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility and Sojourners. Chicken and Egg Pictures, Impact Partners and Al Jazeera America also joined our table to share their interest in funding and broadcast support! And the Hartley Film Foundation, funder and fiscal sponsor for SISTER sent good vibes from the audience.
These organizations have committed to: convene a brain trust for SISTER’s engagement campaign, assist in curriculum development, host and invite members strategic screenings, provide web content, share web content with their membership, bring the campaign to Catholic and secular universities, provide media training for the filmmakers, and connect SISTER with potential film and campaign funders.
While multiple organizations will collaborate on the above, several specific initiatives bare mentioning. Organizing for Action will screen SISTER in hotspots of the 2014 midterm elections, Call to Action will use the film to mobilize progressive Catholics who are not currently involved in Church reform work, and Muslims for Progressive Values will use the film in their in trainings on organizing for women’s equality in Islam.
Sister Jean
Sister Jean rocked the house when it was her turn to speak: “It’s funny to see yourself in a movie when you’ve gone 75 years and nobody’s paid any attention to you.”
She summarized her take on the film this way: “It’s not about sisters really. It’s about women. It’s about women who belong to an organization that they believe in, that their parents believed in, that their grandparents believed in. But in fact, they understand all of the sudden that in this system, women’s wisdom is not appreciated. Women’s leadership is not sought. So the system is missing half of the world, and it’s got to catch up.”
Sister GP Donors
Kat White of KatLei Productions made waves when she stepped up to the mic pledging 10% of our finishing costs for the film or $20,000! Chaz Ebert of the Roger and Chaz Ebert Foundation pledged $5k to the film! And Kat and Chaz were joined by two individual philanthropists each pledging $3k in support. Thank you to all of our supporters! With your help, we will finish this film and make an impact!
To check out more photographs from Good Pitch, visit our gallery on Facebook!
Sister FB Gallery

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Hiding in plain sight



Women leaders hidden in plain sight at the Basilica of Saint Praxedes in Rome.

It’s been a busy week for Sister’s crew in Rome. We’ve been filming Sr. Chris and her pilgrims as they examine archaeological evidence of women’s roles in the early church. Today we were in the Basilica of Saint Praxedes, where ornate mosaics depict the early women leaders who helped build the church.


At the Basilica, Sr. Chris Schenk, Canon Lawyer, Sr. Kate Kunstler and FutureChurch Program Coordinator, Ms. Liz England collaborate in decoding ancient Latin writing about Theodora, a leader in her early Christian community. Some interpret the designation “Episcopa” by her name to mean that she was a bishop in the early church. Evidence of early women leaders like Theodora are often hidden in plain sight.


Shuling’s “got Rebecca’s back” as she leans over to film a mosaic of women leaders—Theodora Episcopa, Saint Praxedes, Mary (mother of Jesus) and Saint Prudentiana. Because of our generous supporters, we were able to get permits that allowed us to capture these amazing, historic images. 



St Peter’s Square 360 & Goodbye Pope Benedict

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It’s been a busy day in Rome!



And Sister was there!

Rebecca and Shuling were in St. Peter’s Square with Sr. Chris Schenk when white smoke let the world know that a new Pope had been chosen. We were thrilled to capture this historic moment with Sr. Chris, as she shared her hope that Pope Francis would be open to a more inclusive Church.

Even though the Pope has been chosen, our work in Rome is far from done. In two days, Sr. Chris will lead a pilgrimage to archeological evidence of forgotten women leaders from the early church. We will be documenting this moving journey, including historic sites that are usually closed to cameras. It’s another important piece of our story. We can’t wait to share it with you.

We couldn’t have come to Rome without you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your enthusiastic and generous support!