Janelle Lazzo

I viewed this film at the National Call to Action in November, 2015. I knew immediately that I wanted our Heart of America Call to Action group to bring it to Kansas City, and thankfully we will be able to do just that inAugust, 2016. We are inviting religious Sisters in our area to be our guests, and hopefully will have a large local audience from the public besides. The film tells a story and provides a witness that all faithful people will

Larry Donaldson

I am waiting on the availability of the home DVD to actually be able to view the ‘Radical Grace’ Documentary. I had the good fortune to meet, and talk to, Sister Simone Campbell during the “Nuns On The Bus Tour” in 2012. I was impressed with how much the sisters are actually doing what Jesus would do and the fact they have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the male leadership of an institution that, in my mind, has lost most of it’s credibility due to their numerous scandals, antiquated thinking and misogynistic attitude.

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Holly Bradley

I just watched your film, ‘Radical Grace’ on CBC’s ‘The Passionate Eye’. I was very moved and wanted to reach out and let you know that. I was baptized a Catholic but left the church years ago. When I was just 13 I approached the priest in our parish and asked why there were no women priests, no one on the alter that reflected God in my image? That priest told me the church had far bigger issues to address and that this was not a real issue. That response was the beginning of my estrangement from the church. I went on to become a social worker with a minor in feminist studies and what I saw in your film was true social work and true feminism. I support your leadership in the church and your spiritual discernment and activism. I think you are right that people are looking, as always, to women for leadership and change. I am relieved that the Vatican showed wisdom in rescinding it’s action against you. Thank you. Yours, Holly Bradley. Nanaimo, British Columbia

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Great documentary showing the many human faces and passion of the church. Thank you sisters for being so brave. Keep on the good fight.
Sister Jean Hughes was a great source of hope and inspiration for all teachers. I’m a bit worried that such a wonderful person will be irreplaceable,… Are her students still getting the care and the love she was providing them? I hope her Spirit will continue with acts of humanity towards the disinfranchised.

Cathy R.

I was profoundly moved by the powerful, inspiring and artfully made “Radical Grace”, which I saw today at the Boulder International Film Festival. To me, raised Catholic (still spiritual, Christian, but no longer practicing) these courageous, loving, dedicated and creative women represent Christ at work today, pure Christianity. Beautiful to behold. There is so much ugliness today in the name of Christianity. There is still life and hope! Astounding, if not surprising, to me that the Vatican would persecute these women, while hiding and allowing the sexual abuse by priests to go on for decades (as it did in my parish). Interesting timing with “Spotlight”. I was struck by Sister Jean’s struggle, contemplating having to choose her work over her Church. I thought, she didn’t walk away, but she did fly away when she died. It occurred to me that the nuns in habits seem to me to be rather like the Muslim women who cover themselves with Hijabs or Burkas (I respectfully acknowledge many of them chose to). It seems to be more like a way men have devised to protect themselves from their own ‘temptation’, to shield themselves from women’s femininity, sexuality. A means of control. I always wondered growing up why the priests could wear ‘street’, secular clothing, but never the nuns. I love how they did it, so they could better do their work. Thank you so much for this great contribution to this important conversation and movement.

Kathy Riley

I loved this film! I saw it this afternoon as part of the Denver International Film Festival. This story inspired me to continue taking risks, to fight the good fight–and not be too attached to outcomes. The struggle for social justice and gender equality continues. I salute everyone who has been part of it and will be in the future. Thank you so much for filming this story.


Sister Jean inspired me to laugh easily and love others with all my might, Sister Chris reignited an inquiring approach to my own faith, and Rebecca convicted me of the power and importance of storytelling.

Susan Taylor

I just saw Radical Grace yesterday at Bend Film Festival. I can’t give enough praise for the film. I was blown away. I am staunch anti religion because of the harm it continues to invoke in the world. No other single factor has caused such pain and given righteous permission to kill and exclude so many. Choosing to follow a religion pretty much means you reject the rest. That separates us. I embrace the nuns and what they stand for in this documentary AND you don’t have to be catholic or religious to support their values and fight for what’s right.

Thank you for creating Radical Grace. I would love to share it with my husband and daughter who have the same feelings regarding organized religion. Religions aren’t good for the human race, caring for each other is.

With sincere gratitude,