Cathy R.

I was profoundly moved by the powerful, inspiring and artfully made “Radical Grace”, which I saw today at the Boulder International Film Festival. To me, raised Catholic (still spiritual, Christian, but no longer practicing) these courageous, loving, dedicated and creative women represent Christ at work today, pure Christianity. Beautiful to behold. There is so much ugliness today in the name of Christianity. There is still life and hope! Astounding, if not surprising, to me that the Vatican would persecute these women, while hiding and allowing the sexual abuse by priests to go on for decades (as it did in my parish). Interesting timing with “Spotlight”. I was struck by Sister Jean’s struggle, contemplating having to choose her work over her Church. I thought, she didn’t walk away, but she did fly away when she died. It occurred to me that the nuns in habits seem to me to be rather like the Muslim women who cover themselves with Hijabs or Burkas (I respectfully acknowledge many of them chose to). It seems to be more like a way men have devised to protect themselves from their own ‘temptation’, to shield themselves from women’s femininity, sexuality. A means of control. I always wondered growing up why the priests could wear ‘street’, secular clothing, but never the nuns. I love how they did it, so they could better do their work. Thank you so much for this great contribution to this important conversation and movement.