Holly Bradley

I just watched your film, ‘Radical Grace’ on CBC’s ‘The Passionate Eye’. I was very moved and wanted to reach out and let you know that. I was baptized a Catholic but left the church years ago. When I was just 13 I approached the priest in our parish and asked why there were no women priests, no one on the alter that reflected God in my image? That priest told me the church had far bigger issues to address and that this was not a real issue. That response was the beginning of my estrangement from the church. I went on to become a social worker with a minor in feminist studies and what I saw in your film was true social work and true feminism. I support your leadership in the church and your spiritual discernment and activism. I think you are right that people are looking, as always, to women for leadership and change. I am relieved that the Vatican showed wisdom in rescinding it’s action against you. Thank you. Yours, Holly Bradley. Nanaimo, British Columbia

Vatican ruled as it did. It shows wisdom and humility an