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I see your pride showing loud and clear. Of course women play an important role in the role of the Church- Mary was the mother of God. Jesus was very radical for his time, BUT he did NOT choose women priests. He chose Peter to take the keys, hence, his successors. The Church is the bride of Christ, so we must accept and HUMBLE ourselves to the teachings of the Church- not think WE know better. Just because that nun said she’s been a nun longer than some of the men have been priests, so what? That has NO bearing. I see arrogance. Mary was the highest creature, yet, she humbled herself, completely, to the will of God. You would do well to follow her example.”There are 10,000 times 10,000 roads down which we may travel. It makes no difference which, but at the end of those roads, you’re going to see one of two faces, either the beatific face of Jesus or the miserific face of Satan. One or the other, there’s no escape.” Venerable Fulton J. Sheen