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Young Asian Leaders React to Radical Grace

“Why can’t there be a female Pope?”

This was one of the various questions posed by the young adults and theologians discussing Radical Grace. These innovative minds from 15 different countries joined in Surat Thani, Thailand for a conference to discuss opportunities for justice within the church. The participants discussed the connection they felt to the stars of Radical Grace,  and other nuns who fight for faith and social justice.
One of the conference participants voiced how inspired she was to learn from the film that there were female leaders in the church in the past. This knowledge made her realize that gender equality did exist and can exist in the future, maybe not in our lifetime, as the participant shared, but we must not lose hope. We need to continue the fight because we  are making history today so that the faithful one  of the future can live in a better world. In this world, a female Pope will be a given, rather than a fantasy.

Watch the video to learn more about the Asian Youth Academy and Asian Theological Forum in Surat Thani, Thailand and the lessons they learned from Radical Grace (12 min).