Hiding in plain sight



Women leaders hidden in plain sight at the Basilica of Saint Praxedes in Rome.

It’s been a busy week for Sister’s crew in Rome. We’ve been filming Sr. Chris and her pilgrims as they examine archaeological evidence of women’s roles in the early church. Today we were in the Basilica of Saint Praxedes, where ornate mosaics depict the early women leaders who helped build the church.


At the Basilica, Sr. Chris Schenk, Canon Lawyer, Sr. Kate Kunstler and FutureChurch Program Coordinator, Ms. Liz England collaborate in decoding ancient Latin writing about Theodora, a leader in her early Christian community. Some interpret the designation “Episcopa” by her name to mean that she was a bishop in the early church. Evidence of early women leaders like Theodora are often hidden in plain sight.


Shuling’s “got Rebecca’s back” as she leans over to film a mosaic of women leaders—Theodora Episcopa, Saint Praxedes, Mary (mother of Jesus) and Saint Prudentiana. Because of our generous supporters, we were able to get permits that allowed us to capture these amazing, historic images.