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Lynn Hillix

I am part of a community called that has the privilege of sponsoring a showing of this film in San Diego, August 12. I too cannot wait to be inspired by the nuns courage and feistiness. I loved what said, ” …revolutionary movements that have the potential to change the world. They are fueled by compassion and require their participants to take moral stands that may be widely unpopular in the eyes of society.”


Your movie inspired me. It was perfect. Just perfect. I am ready to dedicate my life to public service, just like Sister Jean. Thank you for the movie. Have not seen anything that good in a long while.

Maggie George

It seems this women got in as much trouble from the current cultural establishment as did Jesus in his day…and for largely the same reasons –> standing with and for the marginalized, encouraging inclusion, speaking out against greed and preaching love.


A wonderful film about the prohetic mission of religious life! I’d like all my colleagues, friends and family to see it.
Being a sister myself it renewed my desire to live and serve the truth in all things. Thank you and “way to go, sisters!”

Susan Gray

As a Catholic feminist theologian who studies how women roles can be expanded within the Catholic Church to all levels of management, female ordination won’t fix it — this problem is historical, systemic and cultural within the Church. Films like this are valuable and needed for all women, not just Catholics. We see hints of change in Pope Francis, but his word alone, no matter how radical, will not bring about the change the majority of Catholic women want. The Church needs to shift its course and the Magisterium needs to ask itself, how much more effective would the Church be in its evangelization and social justice efforts if women held key decision-making positions, alongside men, at all levels within Church hierarchies. These women are inspiring.