Monthly Archives: April 2014

Edward Hartmann

Sisters do not give in to the silk clothed men who think they run the church. You all have stood the test of time and service. The hierarchy depends on the silence and money of the people of God. Your voices are not alone for the truth is frightening to those “Princes” who have lost all credibility. Thank God for your continued presence.

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Mary Bridget Lawson

I stand on the shoulders of the Rochester MN Franciscans who taught me the most important life lesson of dignity for others, oneself and our universe. The legacy, grace and brilliance of our Sisters needs to be shared and supported to bring inclusion, justice and dignity alive in the 21st century Catholic church. paperesson

Pam Skibbe

God bless you for being the hands, feet and voice of Jesus in your everyday life…for living out the teaching of the Gospel that He preached. The world needs Jesus’ light reflected through you so I hope that you will never give up spilling the light. You will be in my prayers.