Belle Cohen

I just chanced upon this while browsing facebook and am so excited!!! I gave up being a Cathoic when I was 19 when I first experienced my body in light during my first meditation experience. I also coud not understand the hypcrisy of Catholics I knew. Growing up in a Catholic country (Philippines) and going to a Catholic school (Maryknoll), I went to church regularly and received Communion every time. I even dreamed of being a nun at one point except that wearing those manly shoes was a turn-off! The teaching that always stood out for me was that I was born into the image and likeness of God. This was such a powerful teaching and I experienced it while meditating and reading different religions and philosophies. That is why I left the church. I find the Catholic Church & the Vatican obsolete but people seem to need a structure as they have this ingrained in their dna. Do not be afraid to break away from the Vatican. Form your own spiritual community, I will be very honored to be part of it. This is a time of great transition. Thank you!